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Or We Could Just Do Nothing

...which would suit Jefferson just fine.  He's optimistic about the team and will be working out with Pierce this offseason.  (Murphy reports)

"With the pick we have we’re going to be better, because this draft is deep," said Jefferson, who shrugged at which he would prefer - holding onto the fifth pick, or trading it for a veteran player.
    "From my point of view, everyone just has to be healthy, and we’ll end up being a more veteran team. (Kendrick Perkins [stats]) is going into his fifth year. It’s going to be my fourth, and the fourth for Delonte (West) and (Tony Allen) too. We’re becoming veterans ourselves."
    Though Jefferson has been a fixture in Waltham this summer, along with Perkins, Allen and West, he is about to join Paul Pierce [stats] in Los Angeles.
    "I’m supposed to be working out with him," Jefferson said. "He just told me that we’re going to get as much work as we can in, and I told him that I was already way ahead of him."

For a look at who we might draft, check out LOY's Place's Around The Mock Drafts

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