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Celtics Links - 6/7/07

Boston Herald
Workouts begin, Ainge nixes Blatt talk, Pitino feels Donovan's pain. Green Bandwagon Note - I'm torn on the Blatt decision. It is the one thing that the hardcore fans seem genuinely excited about. However, it probably does not make sense from a financial standpoint or in a "We put our trust in Doc Rivers" sense. Of course I wish the C's went after Blatt but I never really expected it.
Boston Globe
Is James the heir to Jordan's legacy? Green Bandwagon Note - I'm not a big fan of all the next Jordan talk. I don't think there is a next Jordan. He won six titles and possibly could have one eight if not for the first retirement. And if there is a Jordan heir wouldn't it be Kobe with his explosive scoring and three rings? LeBron will continue to do amazing things, but is he cold blooded?
Celtics Blog
Will Brandon Wright slide?
Celtics Stuff Live
Yi Jianlian does LA.
Upbeat Allen attacking rehab. Green Bandwagon Note - Great article. I'd argue that a training camp return is a bit optimistic. Maybe he'll come back but it takes longer than that to feel healthy, particularly after a knee surgery as ugly as his.
Durant failed to impress in workouts.
Loy's Place
Privat workouts begin in Boston: profiles of Thornton and Brewer.
Bleacher Report
Mock draft if the GMs show some courage.
Sports in Boston
Is Mike Conley the next Chris Paul?
Inside Bay Area
Leon Powe Hoop School holds court.
Bill Russell Blog
Bill Russell discusses the finals.
Donny Marshall's draft blog. Green Bandwagon Note - Shockingly there are no UConn references. However, the blog is called "The Marshall Plan". I've been over this before. The Marshall Plan rebuilt post WWII Europe. It is not the keys to success for anything Celtics related.
Draft Express
Word on the street: Promises, workouts, Koponen.
Evaluating the shooting guard crop.

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