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More Workout Plans

From Bulpett:

The Celtics will be bringing in a number of players for semi-private sessions, but those workouts centered on the No. 5 overall pick began their Waltham phase today with Corey Brewer and Al Thornton (two of their top six) joining South Carolina’s Brandon Wallace and Russian big man Nikita Shabalkin.

The group is expected to work out again Friday.

Next Monday the Celts plan to have Brandan Wright (another on their main list) in with Florida’s Joakim Noah, while top sixer Al Horford and Glenn Davis are set for later in the week.

With a midweek trip planned to D.C. to see Jeff Green (and yesterday’s visit with Yi Jianlian in L.A.), the Celts will have thus worked out their primary six by the end of the week. It’s possible some could then come in for a second session.

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