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Photoshop TA

For some reason, TA cracks me up.  Personally, the Salmon and Mashed Potatoes game was one of the highlights of the year for me.  When Tony went down, a good deal of "juice" for the season went away.  Maybe that's why I'm so enamored with the picture below. 

In honor of the comic genius of Tony Allen, this weekend I invite you to put together your own photoshop of the TA pic below, as inspired by the fantastic photoshop threads.  

The 'O' 


























The first submission comes from the brain of Reis115 and the photoshop skills of caffeinated.

(the floor is mashed potatoes if you can't tell....)




























Paste your own submissions into this forum thread

(you'll need to use Imageshack or something similar to host your pic.  Grab the link and put [img]link[/img] around it.) 

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