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Point Guard Options

tenaciousT from Celtics17 had this to say about our Point Guard position:

We need another experienced PG, but they are available. I’d love getting a Billups or a Cassell, but Brevin Knight, Mo Williams, or even a return engagement of Chuck Atkins could hold down the fort while we find out if Rondo is up to being the starting PG on a winning club.

Ridnour or Watson will also be available with Delonte West now in Seattle’s fold as a combo guard. Portland has a crowd at PG. Jarrette Jack would be nice. Steve Blake is available, but not my favorite choice. Kyle Lowry might be pried away from Memphis with their drafting of Conley. He could hook up with his former college mate, Allen Ray.

Other options might be Damon Stoudamire or Mike Bibby, though I’m not in love with either of those options either. J-Will is on the block, but is coming off an off season with injury. (Who isn’t?)

And of course we just added Gabe Pruitt. But my guess is that he will need a year of seasoning before he can help.