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Daily Links 7/1

Herald    Ainge stirring free agent pot, winners and losers, Cuban suit
Door still open, Celtics soften stance on Telfair
Globe   Lots of post draft talk on Portland, Sonics, Knicks, Spurs, Blazers, and even Celtics
Hoopsworld    GM 101
ESPN     Early word as free agency opens 
Stein:  Six possible destination for KG
Rockets to make push for Lewis 
LOY's Place    Where do we go from here? 
Celtics 17    Rondo has options 
Worcester Telegram   Hole in one is a big deal to Cousy  
Hartford Courant   What they're saying about the Ray Allen trade
Sonics and Allen deal with reality
MetroWest Daily    Ainge on the right track 
Waterbury Republican    Win now means pay later
Sun Journal    Misery loves company and Celtics fans have had plenty of it 
The Bleacher Report    The Road Taken for Danny Ainge     Glen Davis fan site
NY Daily News    Garden of Sin:  sleazy doings by Isaiah and Marbury
Eagle Tribune    Blockbuster deal for the Celtics
RealGM   Ball of confusion:  Danny's strange night
Seattle PI    Sonics ready pitch for Lewis
You Tube  Big Baby Davis workout for Wizards along with a song
Only 10 Things     10 things about the trade
Shamrock Headband     After midnight 
Orlando Sentinel     Magic good fit for Lewis 
NY Post   Nets deal for O'Neal still on the table