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C's Targeting Joe Smith

Average JoeThe Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that the Celtics are one of the teams interested in Joe Smith:

The Sixers still have their sights on re-signing forward Joe Smith, an unrestricted free agent.

They could offer Smith ample playing time, but the Chicago Bulls, whom Smith visited last week, could assure him of a place in the postseason. Houston and Boston are among others that apparently have shown interest.

Ainge spoke more vaguely about thier intentions in the Herald:

"We’re talking to people," Ainge said. "We’re looking at doing deals - and when I say deals, it’s sign-and-trades and free agents. But nothing’s really close.

"There are some things you have to try to figure out. A lot of it is negotiating and what price you want to pay for certain needs."

Bulpett also speculates that the team might just see if a contract year will motivate Theo to play.