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Meet The New Guard, Same As The Old Guard

FireIt is increasingly sounding like Sebastian Telfair will be back with the team next year.  He's still saying and doing all the right things.  Bulpett quotes a league source that tells us what we have already guessed: that nameplate-gate hurt the team's ability to trade him.

"That really hurt (director of basketball operations Danny) Ainge’s chances of trading him for anything decent," a league source said.

Bulpett also clues us in on some news that shouldn't shock anyone:

Multiple sources confirmed that the Celtics agreed at the end of the season to trade Telfair. With Rajon Rondo planted at the point, Telfair wanted to start over with a better opportunity - and the C’s were more than willing to give it to him.

So now, it seems, the two sides are stuck together.  And maybe, just maybe, that's not such a bad thing.

Consider that the team is looking for a backup point guard.  They would prefer someone young enough to not break down, yet in the league long enough to have some experience over the rookies.  They would prefer someone that doesn't cost them too much money.  (Note: They didn't sign Theo Papaloukas because of the cost and Telfair is already on the books on his rookie, expiring contract)  Seems like a good match.

Consider also the arrangement from Sebastians's angle.  His biggest problem since coming into the league has been the over-the-top expectations heaped upon him.  In Portland and in Boston, he was supposed to be the point guard of the future.  Now?  Could expectations be any lower?  There will be no Sebastian Telfair night at the Gah-en.  There will be no hoopla.  Just the eyes of the world waiting for him to screw up again.  It is a different kind of pressure, but perhaps it is something he's better equipped to handle.  He has to focus solely on basketball and not get into trouble off the court.  He'll have to work really, really hard on his game.  Once again he'll have to come "through the fire."

Keep in mind, since the team isn't about to extend his contract, he's also suddenly in a contract year.  One thing he does not lack at this point is the proper motivation to prove everyone wrong.  Maybe he deserves another shot, and maybe the Celtics are the team to give it to him (whether they like it or not).