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Rumor: C's Want Free (Agent) Darko

DarkoMike Gorman is reporting that the Celtics have interest in signing Darko Milicic.

Milicic was renounced by the Magic today in an effort to overpay Rashard Lewis for another year.  Milicic's agent was ticked, but that doesn't mean he's looking for the Mid Level.  Last I heard he was looking for something in the $10M a year range. 

Obviously the C's can't offer that, but if the teams that can offer it don't have interest in him, then Darko may be forced to look at other options.

I know that Clifford Ray had mentioned that the Magic were not using Darko right in Orlando.  I'm sure he'd like a crack at it.  Darko has always had talent, but he's been in the league a number of years and we're still talking about his potential instead of his production.  We'll have to see if this rumor goes anywhere.

I don't have all the complex rules figured out on how the team might be able to sign and trade for him (if that is even possible).  My guess is that the team is interested in getting him for the MLE.  He might be interested in Boston because of the potential playing time.