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Celtics Links - 7/12/07 - Abbreviated Edition

I had to skip a lot of links due to Internet issues. Looking for a big day tomorrow though.

Boston Herald
Rondo gives his best shot, Davis likes his jersey.
Celtics cruise past China. I just finished reading Operation Yao Ming. It was definitely more than your average sports biography and actually included a great deal of info on Wang Zhizhi. The book ends with Wang in the U.S., estranged from China and kicked off the national team. So I figured it had to be someone else with the same name. But lo and behold he retuned in 2006, made amends and was reinstated. For some reason that made me happy even as I realized how little I follow international basketball.
Boston Globe
Wallace in position to fit in.
Celtics Blog
Celtics push around Team China.  
Grizzlies get their big man - Darko heading to Memphis and other signings.
Loy's Place
Powe shines as Celtics dominate Chinese team.  
A few updates.  
Red's Army
Red's Army is disturbed over McHale's physique and other good stuff.  
Worcester Telegram
Gomes likes the direction the Celtics are headed.
Miami Herald
Bill Russell stands tall with dignity beyond the games.
NBA Glue
Celtics analysis: Gabe Pruitt.