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NBA Jam Chronicles - Rebounding


Rebounding is one of the most important aspects of the NBA. Red Auerbach's Celtics teams did not become champions until Bill Russell controlled the boards. Since then Dennis Rodman, Ben Wallace, and numerous other players have made a living by excelling at it. However, the rebound is one of the least important stats in NBA Jam. Due to the high percentage shots (dunks), the accuracy of players on fire, and the emphasis on blocked shots and goal tending, rebounds simply fall by the wayside. But that is not to say that rebounds don't play a role. On occasion a player will blow a dunk or miss a shot and the ball will ricochet high off the screen. A truly skilled NBA jam player will track the ball by its shadow and corral the rebound. This can be the difference between winning and losing in a game between two elite competitors. Sadly it is nearly impossible to beat the computer to a ricocheted ball, particularly on the "very hard" setting.

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