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Celtics Links - 7/13/07

Boston Herald
Doc won't play the race card.
Boston Globe
Filling a hole or digging one? Lewis signing a lame brainer.
Globe Celtics Blog
Celtics put more in to the dance team than they do the basketball team.
Sean Grande is learning how to blog. Green Bandwagon Note - Everything you ever needed to know is right here. Your welcome.  
Loy's Place
Video of Celtics win over China.  
Preview: Celtics vs. Bucks
Latest updates from Vegas.  
Red's Army
Glass half empty.  
Can Danny
Gerald Green: forward thinking.  
Spitballing 4: the bench defense.  
NBA Glue
Celtics Analysis: Big Baby Davis.  
Big Green Machine
You can't spell power forward without Powe.
Full Court Press
Sebastian Telfair public image rehabilitation tour.