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Tale of The Tape - Griz

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There's a feature on the Grizzlies on ESPN today, talking about the progress they've made.  The C's and Griz finished with the worst two records and both missed out on the lottery.  Since then, they've taken very different paths to improve their ballclubs.  I thought it might be an interesting discussion topic to consider who's on a better track of improvement.

The Griz have Gasol, the C's have Pierce.

The Griz brought in Darko, the C's brought in Ray Allen.

The Griz drafted a lottery point guard, the C's are happy with Rondo.

The Griz have Rudy Gay, the C's have Al Jefferson.

The Griz hired a new coach, the C's gave an extension to Doc.

The Griz hired our old GM, the C's promoted Dave Wohl to take his place.

I'm sure there are more factors that I'm leaving out.  Feel free to discuss yourselves.