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NBA Jam Chronicles - Jump shots

Jump Shots  

Midway definitely got one thing right - NBA Jam is all about dunks and three pointers. The mid range jumper is dead.  In fact if matched up against an elite opponent it is really all about the dunks, as blocked and caught shots are the norm. But I owe it to you the reader to at least discuss jump shots. Not surprisingly, shots have a better chance of connecting if the player releases the ball at the peak of his jump. At times this is unrealistic because the defense is too tight. In those situations a player has a better chance of getting the shot away by holding on to the ball and releasing it on the way down, sacrificing a little accuracy in the process. I have found that the Bruce Bowen 3 point shot is the most accurate long-range shot in the game. At the same time it is the easiest to block/catch.

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