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Celtics Links - 7/15/07

Boston Herald
Allred making noise, Celt's 75% deaf.
Sluggish end to the summer swing for C's.
McHale likes the Ray Allen move. Green Bandwagon Note - There is a relatively easy joke just dying to be made here. Let's move on to the next link.  
Memphis pair on the same page so far. Green Bandwagon Note - I am fascinated by both the Grizzlies and the Bobcats. Their rosters are a little whacky, particularly the Bobcats. I can't wait to see how it will all work. At least Memphis has Mark Iavaroni.  
Boston Globe
Ainge working on a deal with the Warriors?, Celtics assistants, Ratliff rehab and more. Green Bandwagon Note - The lack of stability with the C's assistant coaches is something I hadn't considered and is worth a read. Meanwhile, I automatically ignore all Ratliff news and the Warriors rumor does not seem to be based on anything substantial.
Odds and ends from Vegas.  
Oregon Live
Jarrett Jack is available, Blazers may be positioning to make a run at Chris Paul. Green Bandwagon Note - The Blazers are in a pretty enviable place right now.
Celtics Blog
Assessment of team direction.  
CelticsStuff Live tonight with Jessica Camerato.  
Loy's Place
Big Baby a bright spot in C's loss to Mavs.
Video of C's versus Mavs.
Sean Grande's blog on the final game.
Jackson and Artest suspended for the first seven games of the regular season. Green Bandwagon Note - Ron Artest's name and game will live on in infamy.
Boston and race. Green Bandwagon Note - It is definitely an issue that is needs to be considered. And ultimately I think Shawn Marion and Kevin Garnett simply wanted to be on better teams. But it can't be ignored. Michael Wilbon is not simply making up experiences. At the same time, Paul Pierce, quality of the team aside, likes it. Ray Allen was happy to leave Seattle for Boston. And at one point last season Al Jefferson threatened to handcuff himself to the bus if they tried to trade him for Allen Iverson. Intriguing stuff though.