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NBA Jam Chronicles - Taunting


NBA Jam is easily one of the great buddy games of all time. You can get 4 guys together, pick teams, and rotate through. The games are relatively quick, are exciting for all and provide numerous opportunities to taunt. And in the end it's really all about the taunting. Here are my favorites:  

  • On defense I love knocking my opponent down as a pass is heading his way. The ball bounces away and is fair game. I follow this move up with, "I don't want to tell you how to play your game but you really shouldn't pass the ball if the guy is lying on the ground." The phrase "I don't want to tell you how to play your game" is the NBA Jam equivalent of calling someone "guy" or "buddy".  
  • Get a big lead, hit a shot in the waning seconds, and the announcer exclaim, "The nail in the coffin!"
  • Break the backboard.
  • Players throw hook shots from the half oval right on top of the key. It is incredibly humiliating to connect on one because they are so easy to block. Just throwing a hook shot is like lighting a victory cigar.  
  • And finally, "I'll play with a short guy of your choosing AND take the bad side!"
More on short guys tomorrow.

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