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You Have The Power

He-Man.jpgDidn't have time to point this out this morning, but an amusing take on the KG trade rumors was found in the Boston Herald this morning.

There have been some quiet denials, but one source close to the situation insists the deal for Kevin Garnett was all set before agent Andy Miller said his client didn’t want to go to Boston.
    ‘‘I don’t know why Danny (Ainge) didn’t just pull the trigger anyway,’’ the source= said. ‘‘There’s no way Kevin would opt out of that contract and leave $24 million on the table. No way.’’
    There is also the belief among some in Minnesota that Celtics [team stats] ownership got cold feet when the initial fan reaction toward dealing Al Jefferson [stats] was so negative.

On CelticsBlog the polls were 76% against dealing Al Jefferson for Kevin Garnett.  The Boston Herald polls were even 90% against it.  It is very possible that you, yes you, had something to do with Al Jefferson remaining a Boston Celtic.  Hats off to you.

On the other hand, some of us would still do the deal, but that's another story.