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Ratliff Expects To Play

Shira Springer reports:

TheoWhen reached yesterday in Nairobi, Theo Ratliff said he feels "as strong as ever" and "confident" as he continues rehabilitation from back surgery. Ratliff expects to play next season, though he doesn't know if he'll be playing for the Celtics.

"I feel great," said Ratliff, who is doing charitable work in Kenya with current and former players assembled by the NBA Players Association. "I've been working out, working with a personal trainer, working out hard four or five times a week. I've been able to play a little bit. It was unfortunate I couldn't do things last year. I'm looking forward to next season. Of course, I will be able to participate in training camp."

Ratliff is currently in Kenya with a few other NBA players (including Ron Artest and Etan Thomas) with the "Feeding One Million" campaign.

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