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Lack Of Movement Due To Optimism

Interesting article by Sean Deveney yesterday.  He indicates that many of the top name stars are not getting dealt because of the owners and GMs being overly optimistic about their rosters.  He gives "insider" insight into the KG, Kobe, Jermaine O'Neal, Pau Gasol, and Kirilenko situations.  Here's an example.

Kevin Garnett, Timberwolves. There's no question that, last month, the Timberwolves were as open as they've ever been to trading Garnett. But here's the problem in Minnesota -- owner Glen Taylor is a nice guy and an incurable optimist. (That's why Kevin McHale still has a job.) Garnett is loyal and has not pushed for a trade. He's one of the rare players who feels a responsibility for cleaning up the team's current mess, not looking for the "trade-me" cop-out. Adding a wrinkle is Garnett's enormous, $20 million contract. "They should make a deal," says one league source. "It would be good for everyone. But Glen is always going to look at the roster and think he has a chance, even if he doesn't, even if it is obvious they need to rebuild. So there's never going to be a mindset of, 'We have to trade Kevin.' "

In other news, a story came out yesterday about a failed attempt on Golden State's part to aquire KG on draft night.

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