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Daily Links 7/18

Herald    Yi won't play for Milwaukee 
Ratliff and NBA players provide food and shoes for children in Kenya   
Globe   Ratliff plans to play this season,  feels great  
China Daily   2 NBA teams are eyeing Wang ZhiZhi, Could the Celtics be one of them? 
LOY's Place    Saddest things in Celtics history
Star Tribune   Garnett likes role of teacher,  Garnett trade unlikely but not ruled out, Boston most serious about trade
Green Bandwagon   Book Review:  Unfinished Business 
LJ World   The gospel according to JoJo
FanHouse   Marbury calls out Michael Jordan
Fox Sports   Senior National Team scrimmage
ESPN   Wolves owner sticking with Garnett
Chinese team says Bucks not good fit for Yi   
Globe and Mail   Kobe and Bosh among 17 expected for USA team minicamp
Talking Points   Did Warriors deal for Garnett fail because of communication problems?   Meet the 07-08 Celtics Dancers 
The Sports Brief   What happened in Vegas?
Hartford Courant   Vin Baker pleads not guilty  Artest and Ratliff among NBA players giving aid in Kenya 
After uneventful free agency blockbuster trade may be in store
Only 10 Things    Waiting, waiting, waiting  
Shamrock Headband   The glut at power forward
FanNation   Most curious free agent deals
Hornets Basketball   NBA unveils 2008 all star logo