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Daily Links 7/19

FSN     CSB Caster - reports and reaction from the draft 
LOY's Place   10 things to be positive about this season 
Hoopsworld   Free agency update
Stock report recap:  the high risers
China Daily   2 Eastern Conference teams have invited Wang Zhizhi to training sessions
Daily Herald   The Flash and Jazz are close
ESPN   Bill Simmons: Nothing tops Vegas and Hoops 
Teams that improved due to offseason moves 
True Hoop    Cutting a check -  NBA political leanings   LeBron James to host Saturday Night Live premiere 
Shamrock Headband    Ersan we hardly knew ye
Celtics 17   On the verge of breaking out
Associated Content   The best second round picks in the summer league
Hoopsvibe   Grading the GMs draft selections  
NBA Glue   Atlantic Division is up for grabs   Michael Jordan running out of comebacks 
Chinese Sports Association criticizes Yao Ming 

 We are in the slow season.  There wasn't a single Celtics article in any of the Boston media.  Thank goodness for blogs.  I will continue to try to post anything I feel is of interest to Celtics fans, although much of it will be opinion from other blogs.  In tracking down the links, I find a lot of stories from just about every other team going after certain players but nothing like that is coming out about the Celtics.  Either we have very tight lipped people in our organization or nothing is going on.  Anyway, here are the links, such as they are.