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You Are An Educated Fan (or More)

I found this to be an amusing and interesting breakdown of categories of people that watch basketball games (by Brian Windhorst filling in at TrueHoop)

Here are the lowest two categories:

Casual fan -- This covers the large majority who watch basketball for leisure.  They watch the ball, mostly focusing on who scores and who has the ball in his hands. Television broadcasts are presented mostly in this context.

Educated fan -- This usually includes those who maybe played the game or coached, be it at the local rec center or in school, and some media members.  They pay more attention to matchups, who's guarding whom, which plays are run or what defense a team may be
in. It might also include eyeing substitution patterns and general rotations.   Considering it is July and there's not much going on in the NBA, I think anyone who is visiting Truehoop today earns this elevated status in my mind.  And come to think of it, anyone who watched more than six hours of summer league basketball should be upgraded as well.

I submit that anyone reading this blog in July and August is an educated fan or higher. 

The next two are "Insider" and "Pro" and are worth a read too, but the other one I wanted to highlight is the highest, which is...

Eye in the sky -- Or, in many cases, the tunnel. These are the general managers and team executive-types who see everything with an additional political layer. Not only do they watch players, but they do so knowing what their agents are calling to complain about. They also evaluate assistant coaches and pay attention to who has influence in huddles. They see players and think about contracts and true value to a franchise.  They look at officials assigned to the game and calculate their potential biases and decide what to complain to the league about.  Overall, when they watch the games they don't have much fun.

So that is why Danny looks, umm, not regular when he's on the sidelines.

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