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17 or Bust

KGI’m all-in.  I’m taking all my chips and pushing them to the center of the table.  I’ve played this game of rebuilding for 20 years and I’m done with it.  I say lets go for it.  All or nothing.  Go get KG.

Yes, that means trading Al Jefferson and probably Gerald Green and maybe even a future pick (maybe the one the Wolves owe us from the Wally trade?).  That means using Theo and Telfair and probably Scalabrine to make the salaries work (no problems there).  That means Wyc will have to pay the luxury tax and hope that his investment pays off in the form of sellouts, playoff ticket sales, and all the revenue streams that contending teams enjoy (he's said that he would pay for a Championship contender, well here's his chance).

And boy would it be a contending team.  No question.  Look at this lineup of starters: Rondo, Ray Allen, Pierce, KG, and Perkins.  Nobody in the East can top that on paper.  Rajon wouldn’t have to worry about shooting, like..., ever again.  Allen would bomb away from outside, opening slashing lanes for Pierce.  KG and Perkins would feed off each other’s energy and dominate the paint.  It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Backing them up are Tony Allen, Gomes, Pruitt, Powe, and Big Baby.  That is a thin bench, but everyone has their talents and will have no problems focusing on their roles to support the big 3.  Allen can stick to defense and slashing.  Powe can rebound and bang.  Gomes is the ideal 6th man that will do all the little things winning teams need.  The bench would also look better if you can sign someone like Brevin Knight and some seven footer off the street (or Albert Miralles, whoever wins the battle in camp).

Another reason this could work is the simple fact that it plays to our management team’s strengths.  Doc is best when he has his lineup and rotation set up for him.  Danny is best finding cheap talent by drafting in the latter part of the first round.  Wyc is best selling tickets with big, shiny, new toys (yes, I just compared the Big Ticket to a scoreboard).

So I say roll the dice on a championship in the next 2-3 years and if it takes mortgaging the future to do it, so be it.  Exit strategy?  There is none.  It’s all or nothing. 

What’s the worst that could happen?  Well, everything could fail, and we could be left with 3 overpaid, over-the-hill-or-hurt, max (or more in KG’s case) contracts, and no really great prospects to build with.  Basically we’d have to blow everything up again and start over.  Danny and Doc would be working for TNT.  Wyc would be looking to sell his shares to the other owners.  As for the fans, well the fans would be doing about the same thing we’ve been doing:  Reminiscing about the past, crying about the present, and hoping for the future.

We’ve been starting over and rebuilding and starting over again and again and again.  Never in the last 20 years have we had an opportunity to raise a banner (or 2 or 3) like we have right now.  It would be a huge gamble with huge risks, but there are likewise huge potential gains as well.

Is this town ready for that kind of gamble?  Are you?  Do you think I’ve completely lost it?  Maybe I have.  Maybe losing the top pick has me a little punchy.  Maybe losing DJ and Red (not to mention Reggie and Len) has me pondering the you-only-go-around-once theory.  Or maybe I’m just a crazy, reactionary fan with no long term vision. 

Maybe it would be best to hang onto Jefferson and even Gerald Green so that we can have a backup plan in case Pierce/Allen doesn’t work out.  Maybe we can get a decent 3rd or 4th option by dealing Ratliff and spare parts.  There are other, less risky alternatives to be sure.

I just can’t help thinking about what it would be like to just go for it all.  Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett together on one team.  Can you imagine it?  It could happen.  All it would take is for Danny to go all-in.