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Daily Links 7/2

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Bob Ryan's Blog    Why, Danny, why?  
Hoopsworld    Another draft report card 
Celtics draft analysis
ESPN   Yi nets 15 in lost to US 19 and under team
Yi struggles in first outing 
Vince Carter agrees to 4 year 61.8 million dollar contract
Walton agrees to 6 year  $30 million contract with Lakers 
Eight teams reportedly interested in Gerald Wallace
Sonics talk about team's future with Lewis and agent
Lewis flies to Orlando to meet with Magic
LOY's Place   Danny's blueprint 
Hartford Courant    The Big story:   Celtics still have no defense
Journal Sentinel    Yi's people trying to arrange a trade with a favored team
Seattle PI    Ray Allen's number in Boston
Club  Celtics   Celtics make a splash at the draft
MSNBC    Pierce thrilled to death with Allen trade
Portland Metroblogs   Portland could have had Pierce, KG or Kobe for the top pick
Basketbawful    All you need to know about the 07 draft
News OK    Few rumors of big trades  pan out
I'm Just Saying    The future is now
Armchair GM    Breaking down the NBA draft
Red's Army    Danny shouldn't push his luck
Can Danny    Building a better Antoine 
BSMW Full Court Press    Grade this one incomplete
Green Bandwagon    Delonte West:  Good bye and good luck