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Summer School

One of my favorite times of the offseason is Summer League.  And we'll be able to see the games live this year (thanks to FSN).  One thing I love is seeing who is playing.  Here's the early word from Scott Souza:

the Celtics will bring Rajon Rondo, Gerald Green, Leon Powe and Allan Ray from last season’s roster to Las Vegas for the summer league. The first practice is tomorrow night. Danny Ainge said the Celtics have until Aug. 1 to pick up Ray’s contract option for next year - leaving open the possibility of a "Ray Allen meet Allan Ray'’ greeting.

Sounds like Tony Allen is still targeting Training Camp to return and I'm sure nobody wants to rush him back.  What is interesting is the fact that the team is sort of leaving the door open for Sebastian to play:

Ainge said he planned to talk with Sebastian Telfair’s agent Andy Miller in Las Vegas this week and left open the chance that Telfair could practice with the team over the next two weeks. Though Ainge said Telfair probably wouldn’t play in the summer league for a fourth year, Ray’s appearance in the D-League last winter leaves one veteran roster spot for workout duty and the chance to see some game action if Telfair chooses. Telfair has been working out in Vegas in recent weeks along with Ryan Gomes.

Frankly, I don't buy this little dance one bit.  Wyc burned that bridge long ago.  The C's and Telfair's agent are most likely currently in a game of PR two-step.  Mend the fences and play nice until we can get a deal that recoups some kind of value.  Someone out there will need a point guard on the cheap (Miami?) and give us some kind of offer for him if he isn't packaged in a larger deal.

Moving on, part of the fun of summer league is hearing about undrafted rookies and various vegabond players getting invited to play.  I believe Albert Miralles and Sergio Sanchez will be flying over for the gig (but don't get too excited).  If the C's are smart, they'll stuff the roster with as many 7 footers and pass-first point guards as they can.

Can't wait for the games to start.

Update: the rosters have been announced.  No Albert Miralles.  Oh well.  There is some 7 footer named Glyniadakis from Greece.  Good times.

Update 2: Torin Fancis looks interesting.  He had a great freshman year at ND and was considered a lottery talent at one time.  Then he got hurt and played without aggression for the next 3 years.  Here's his DraftExpress Bio.

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