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NBA Jam Chronicles - The Crowd

The crowd  

The crowd is more advanced than the classic Nintendo crowds that consisted of faceless blobs. There are individuals. That's the least they could do in the jump to the 16 bit machine. Yet I still have three main issues:  

- The scoring table is the dividing line between two identical sides. The people under the basket on the left (the good side) are identical to the people under the basket on the right. At least give them different clothes.  

There are guys on the bench. First of all there are no substitutions in NBA Jam. And the guys on the bench are small and pathetic looking. In no way am I proud of how fired up this gets me.  

Given the perspective of the game, the only people visible are under the baskets and across the court. For all we know the arena is set up like the venues for WCW Nitro as it crept towards extinction. Remember how the fans all crowded into certain sections and the rest of the arena was not filmed. Alas we'll never know.

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