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Yep, It’s The Offseason

The team hasn’t played an official game in 3 months.  Yet between the playoffs, draft, and summer league, it hasn’t exactly been dull around here.  With that said, we are entering into that dreaded period of time called the Dog Days (and no, that isn’t an Ookey Vick reference).   Yesterday was the first day in recent memory when all the local newspaper beat scribes were absent from the online publications.  Even their "blogs" have gone silent. That is fine; they all deserve a vacation after a long season and eventful offseason.  Not here though.  CelticsBlog presses onward.

And why would we go anywhere?  After all, the C’s brass said repeatedly after the Ray Allen trade that they "aren’t done."  So instead of mentally checking out for the summer, fans are waiting with bated breath for the proverbial "other shoe" to drop like a care package on a deserted island.  I'm sure that the Steve Bulpett’s, Shira Springers, and Scott Souza’s of the world have their Crackberries charged and clipped to their belts (and tucked under their Hawaiian shirts) in case Danny and Kevin decide to settle things once and for all over a game of flip-cup.

But what to do in the meantime?  What can a Celtics fan do while July creeps into August and your neighbor is boring you with "it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity" smalltalk?  I’d like to offer some humble suggestions (note: I figure if you are a big baseball fan, you aren’t in much need of this list, so I’m leaving "give into WEEI and submerge yourself in the Sox" off the list).

Watch Old Tapes

Still got a dusty VHS of the 86 Championship game (I do)?  Pop that puppy in and lose yourself in your youth.  Got a copy of that biggest-comeback-in-playoff-history game against the Nets?  Fast forward through the first half and practice your Walker Wiggle, just for kicks.  Have the win over the Spurs on "save till I delete" on your DVR?  Now is the time to relive the time when our 2nd worst team of scrubs stepped up and took down the eventual Finals Champs.  Or if you prefer the more recent events, just watch all those Summer League games again and figure out if Leon Powe favors his left or right shoulder when pivoting into the lane.

Research Other Teams

Tired of wearing out the trade checker looking for possible future retirement homes for Theo Ratliff?  Give it a whirl with some teams that don’t wear green.  What would you do if you were Chris Wallace (you know you think you are smarter than him anyway)?  Is there anything left on the Knicks roster to steal from Zeke?  What can the Heat do to be relevant again?  There is a league of teams out there that we seldom think or care about unless they are the opposing team or a potential trade partner.  Love the NBA for more than just your team.

Get Out On The Court Yourself

It is easy to forget how hard it is to move your feet on defense at the end of a game.  It is hard to sympathize with a guy that is suffering through a shooting drought when you keep swishing those balled up paper shots in the trash can next to your desk.  Sure, those guys are pros.  They are paid to do nothing but play a kids game.  But get out there and play that kids game a few times yourself.  Your respect for Geralds hops, Rondo’s vision, and Pierce’s scoring knack might just jump a few pegs.  And maybe, just maybe, you won’t cringe so much when you see Perk’s hookshot slam against the backboard because you’ll remember the brick you launched that didn’t even catch rim.

Play Like Tony Allen

Ok, if you are still too lazy to get up off the couch (or in some cases if you physically can’t or shouldn’t play basketball), then play it virtually.  Play video games, just like Tony Allen has been doing.  The game developers keep trying to make them more and more realistic and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.  If nothing else, it will feed your competitive instincts for a while.

Take A Vacation From Basketball (If Possible)

If you are like me, you can’t bring yourself to completely shut out basketball for a whole week (unless I’m on vacation overseas or something like that).  Still, there are lots of other things to keep occupied with.  Take a weekend road trip somewhere fun.  Plan your next vacation.  Start researching for your fantasy football draft ("I’ll take TJ Houshmanzilla, put it on the board …Championship").  If you just can’t bring yourself to leave CelticsBlog, try the time-killing games section.

Still, when you just can't stay away any longer and need to read and talk Celtics basketball, CelticsBlog will still be here waiting for you.

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