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Daily Links 7/21

CelticsStuff Live    CSL Sunday night with Mike Gorman  

Herald    FBI checking into whether ref bet on games
Globe   FBI investigating NBA ref
Hoopsworld   2007  free agency tracker 
Summer league recap
ESPN  Bryant mum on future with Lakers during first U.S. Team practice 
Corruption on the court is bad news for the NBA
LOY's Place   It's time for a change
Red's Army   Some good info, quotes and links concerning the betting scandal
Slam Online    Rigged from the top
Palm Beach Post   Cousy's take on the ref scandal
Sports Prof   The NBA's worst nightmare
True Hoop    A potential nightmare
Being for the benefit of Mr Hollinger 
ESPN   Suns trade Thomas for exception and picks
The Donaghy file   Yi confirms his request for a trade from Bucks 
A crisis of character
Kidd's play is key to USA success
MSNBC   Ref betting scandal could hurt the NBA for good
All close calls in sports will now be suspect
Basketbawful   Jordan vs Bird
Only 10 Things    Danger,  minutes at the wing
Washington Post    Miami wants Navarro, Gasol wants Navarro 

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