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Doc's Prophetic Soul

Interesting blurb from the Globe:

The Globe archive turned up an ironic story in light of the recent FBI investigation of NBA referee Tim Donaghy. In a 2005 Celtics notebook headlined "Rivers: Referee had an agenda", Celtics coach Doc Rivers questioned a call by Donaghy that got Rivers tossed from a game:

"I think Tim Donaghy has got it in [for me]," said Rivers. "That was a personal tech [the first time]. But I earned the second one. I don't approve of what I did. I hurt the team. We have had run-ins, but you always have run-ins. But the first tech, I never got off the bench and I still got the call. What was that about? I'll call the league office on it, but there's not much you can do. Instead of running up the floor [after the first technical, Donaghy] hung back. I made a decision on the second and that was a horrible decision. It hurt the team."