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CelticsThug Has His Own Blog

Love him, hate him, or just get a kick out of reading his rumors, there is no denying the fact that Celtics Thug has stirred things up this summer.  In particular on the RealGM message boards, which devolved into flame wars and general chaos.  In an effort to make sure that the same fate doesn't befall this forum, I've asked him to steer clear of discussing "insider" rumors on this site.  On the other hand, since there is clearly an audience for him, I helped him set up his very own blog (not associated with CelticsBlog in any way) where he can post rumors, respond to people's questions and comments, and pretty much do as he pleases. 

If you want to find him and his rumors, you can find him at

If you want to avoid him, just don't go there.  Simple.

Personally I'm not going to quote his rumors that are not backed up by another source.  I hope that solution works for everyone.