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Are There Shades of Brown In Green?

Mike Brilliant of Full Court Press compares Gerald Green with the great bust that was Kedrick Brown.

Over the course of his first two seasons, Green has certainly shown flashes of his NBA potential, often leading to some overzealous comparisons to two-time scoring champion Tracy McGrady. Unfortunately, Green’s superior athletic ability has also frequently served to mask his serious lack of fundamental basketball skills. It’s enough to make a fan worry. It’s perhaps even enough to draw comparisons away from McGrady and instead to another raw athletic specimen who had mad hops but a maddeningly low basketball IQ. Recall with a shudder Chris Wallace’s failed secret weapon Kedrick Brown. Ironically, both Brown and Green have worn #5 for the Celtics. Let’s run a few routine background checks on the two players to further examine whether such a comparison is legitimate.

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