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NBA Jam Chronicles: Guys who did not make the cut

The whole overseas thing caught up with me and I have been noticeably quiet, even in the midst of the ref scandal. I still mean to throw my 2 cents in on that one, albeit later than I'd like. In the meantime you can enjoy another NBA Jam piece.

No one missed them - 5 Guys who were not even close making a NBA Jam roster

  1. Chris Corchiani.  For some reason I have this image of him saying, "Welcome to the ACC bitch!"
  2. Mike Gminski - G-Man!
  3. J.R. Reid - I was still in elementary school when Reid hit the scene and I thought he was awesome. He then went out and proved the young me right by starting in all 82 games his rookie season with Charlotte. Did I realize that team won 19 games and lacked future stars Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning? Of course not.
  4. Skeeter Henry - Played in 4 NBA games and his name was Skeeter. His name was Skeeter! Okay turns out his real name was Herman.
  5. Acie Earl - I realize that I already wasted plenty of time on why rookies did not make it into the game. But I was 11 years old during the 1993 NBA draft and I thought Earl was a great draft pick. The fact that he dropped 40 in Boston as a Raptor only deepened the pain.

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