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Daily Links 7/24

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Herald   Doc not in foul mood - feels league is still strong
Globe   Stern says Donaghy is isolated case 
Whistling a warning on referee situation
LOY's Place   The question mark at center  
News Tribune   Swift cleared for full contact
Journal Sentinel   Bucks keeping Yi hopes alive
Best Sports Stuff    Is anyone really scared of the Celtics?
Can Danny    How the East was lost   Rookie Rankings - Davis #4 
ABA    Gomes is tearing it up in the ABA 
Parquet Pride   Who's next? The lady from Murder She Wrote? 
82 Games   Defensive composite scores
Yahoo   Mo Pete signs with the Hornets
Spurs waive James White 
Full Court Press   Are there shades of Brown in Green?
Celtics Thug Rumors   Ray Allen Trade was a bandaid move
Huffington Post   Etan Thomas talks about his trip to Kenya and more 
ESPN   Numbers indicate unlikely outcomes in games Donaghy officiated 
The Big Green Machine   Acknowledging greatness - Pierce is a legend

I apologize for posting these so late today.  My internet has been out all morning. 

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