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In Case You Are Keeping Track

Not that it matters any more, but in case you like to look back and consider what could have happened:

I Heart KG found this bit today:

Tim Kawakami/Mercury News writes that "on draft day, three teams were given permission by Minnesota and indeed did pursue various stages of contract-extension talks with Garnett’s agent as a potential precursor to a trade."

He says the three teams were Golden State, Phoenix, and Dallas.

By that time KG's agent had already said he didn't want to come to Boston and hinted that he would opt out of his contract if they traded for him.  I'm sure the Celtics were either looking in other directions (like Seattle) on draft night.  Or perhaps their interest is only in the last two years of KG's deal (assuming they could either convince him to not opt out or call his bluff).

Also, Doc Rivers let it be known this week what the plans were for number 5 if there wasn't a trade.

"The Celtics, by the way, would have taken [Yi Jianlian] at No. 5 had they kept the pick, said Doc Rivers."

So at least we won't have to endure another year of arguements about who we would have picked (Roy/Foye/Gay).