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Daily Links 7/25

Herald    The NBA only hopes all other bets are off
Local investors buy 25% of Hornets
Globe   High anxiety: Ref is an isolated case 
Top man hoping it ends here
Chronology of Donaghy case
It's all spelled out
LOY's Place   The point guard situation
Miami Herald   Heat looking for PG, offering Doleac 
Celtics 17  Evidence, the bigger picture, Viva Las Vegas 
Commercial Appeal   With apology needed Stern just gets smug
Washington Times    Ref made bad calls with his neighbors too   Donaghy remembered locally as someone out of control  
Star Ledger   The Emperor has no clothes or clues
FSN   Gorman Points - Thoughts on Summer League
East Valley Tribune   Suns and French team clash over Diaw   Big Al watches Summer League with kids from Children's Action Corps 
True Hoop   When an NBA ref was convicted of shaving points
2 things this scandal has not proved
Detroit News   Scandal worsens bad image 
Talking Points    Good insight into KG trade rumors
NY Daily News   All bets off for  TV partners   Stern's legacy is suddenly on the line
Refs worried Donaghy will drag them into scandal
Hartford Courant    Light at the end of apocalypse