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Celtics Links - 7/26/07

Boston Herald
Donaghy's impact long term.
Boston Globe
Jefferson to scrimmage against Team USA. Green Bandwagon Note - This news made me happy as I am always terrified that I overrate the hometown guys, mainly because I do. Meanwhile, I want to go on record and say that Jefferson is going to have a monster season.
Celtics Blog
What if everyone is healthy?  
Loy's Place
What does Danny do next?
Stern will make sure someone pays in ref scandal.
Sports Illustrated
Red is gone but spirit of gamesmanship lives on.
Betting case involving ref was bound to happen.  
Wages of Wins
How the sports media evaluates NBA talent. Green Bandwagon Note - Good read. Sadly I think like the sports media without being a part of it. I should overhaul this blog. Or eat brownies. Once again brownies win.
Ray Allen, Gabe Pruitt and Glen Davis jerseys for sale.  
Only 10 Things
The opposite of chemistry.  
Can Danny
How the East was lost - central division.