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Daily Links 7/28

Herald   Celtics waive Allan Ray
Yahoo   Oden likely to skip USA training camp next month 
LOY's Place    Are we there yet?
Newsday   Illegal bookies a gamble for Stern
LA Times   Pattern of NBA referees' calls don't raise red flags 
NY Daily News    Crawford nears return   
The Coach's Take    Remembering Reggie    
Hartford Courant    Another indictment expected
Daily Times    Tennessee to rally around Erik Ainge (Danny's nephew) 
ESPN   Reformed mobster believes that Donaghy might not be alone    
Gold standard for team USA    
Donaghy's former classmate expects to be indicted    Iguodala to join Jefferson and Roy on scrimmage team
Hoopsworld   Allan Ray to play in Italy  
The Basketball Jones    07 Celtics Season preview   
Red's Army   Be patient with Gerald 
Celtics 24/7   God Bless Ryan Gomes
Washington Post    8 teams have inquired about Navarro
Miami Herald   Heat sign Smush Parker to 2 year deal
The Wages of Wins    The undrafted in the NBA   Celtics waive Allan Ray    
Parquet Pride   Looking back on the Allan Ray era     
Only 10 Things    Quick draft question #2 - Yi