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For Your Consideration

Mark Stein has a list of the top 25 free agents on the market and I don't think a single one will be wearing Boston colors next year unless Danny uses Theo's deal in a sign and trade.  Most on the list are wing players which isn't an area of need.  Players on that list that I would give the MLE to (like Darko) will likely command more than that on the open market.  Anyone we could get with the MLE would seem like overpaying (Steve Blake anyone?).  So here are some alternatives to consider.

Brevin Knight: (9.1 pts, 6.6 ast)

Is this what Rajon Rondo will look like in 9 years?  Hopefully Rondo can eclipse Brevin's career, but for now he'd be a good mentor and backup. He's a very good floor general with above average quickness and defense.  He's available because Charlotte (who doesn't have a lot of point guards) didn't pick up his $4M option.

Jamal Magloire: (6.5 pts, 6.1 reb)

He's a one-time All Star and he's got the size and coordination to help out a team in the paint.  Then again, his career seems to be on the decline.  Wages of Wins looks at his declining numbers.

Joe Smith: (8.5 pts, 6.2 reb)

Does his job and works hard. Great role player.  And signing him (probably) won't cost us several years of draft picks like it did for McHale.  And you can never have too many former number one overall picks (right Olowokandi?). 

Chris Mihm: (10.2 pts, 6.3 reb ~ numbers from 05-06)

Our old friend didn't play at all last year due to ankle surgery (so Danny must love him!), but you know what you are getting with this guy.  He's big, he's athletic, and he sometimes plays under control enough to contribute. 

Note: The Bulls are after both Smith and Mihm and the Magic just signed Rashard Lewis, so Darko will be an unrestricted free agent.  Also, it seems the Celtics have interest in Grant Hill.