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Dominos Falling

The market is starting to take shape.  The big free agents are getting their deals, which should free up the next tier down to get their deals.  In addition, teams will start to move on trades that they held off on until the saw what was happening with the market.  Some notes:

  • Vince Carter re-ups: Great!  That means the Nets will continue to be mediocre!  And we are now entering the phase of Vince's career where he's entering his 30's and no longer in a contract year.  Fun for everyone.
  • Rashard Lewis signs with Orlando: I guess he and Gerald are not THAT tight.  Does this mean Darko can be had for the MLE?  Probably not.  His agent will still find somewhere for him to get overpaid.  Orlando still needs more moves, but they have some decent building blocks.
  • The Sonics sure cleaned house didn't they?  48.8 points a game are gone.  The young nucleus is Durant, Green, West, Wilcox, Ridnour, Collison, and Swift.  And you thought the Celtics were young last year.
  • Chauncey Billups re-signs: Will Dumars be able to rebuild on the fly or will that team fall apart over time?  A key will be finding a way to re-sign Amir Johnson and stay out of luxury land.
  • So what's next?  Word is Varejao has an offer already (Memphis?).  Brevin Knight met with Denver.  Its only a matter of time before someone throws money at Mo Williams.  But the highest ranked free agent left is Gerald Wallace.

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