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KG Rumors go mainstream

KGA quick update for everybody.  Jeff Goodman of Foxsports is the first member of the mainstream media to pick up on this story.  He's reporting as follows:

The on-again, off-again deal with the Boston Celtics acquiring Kevin Garnett apparently is back on.

According to sources, the current deal on the table has the 6-foot-11 Garnett heading to Boston and the Celtics dealing away Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff's hefty expiring contract and Rajon Rondo. There may also be other players and draft picks involved.

It's not quite done, but three industry sources — including one close to the Celtics — told that it's extremely close and could become official within the next 48 hours.

"It's basically done," one source said. "If it does happen, this will make the Celtics relevant again."

The interesting thing here is the report that we're willing to move Rondo.  I can't imagine going into the season with Telfair as our starting point guard, so either this story got it wrong, or there's another deal in the works.  

 UPDATE: Mark Stein has it , too:

Sources told on Sunday night that former teammates Kevin McHale and Danny Ainge have revived a deal that would end Garnett's 12-season association with Minnesota by sending him to Ainge's Celtics, with the Wolves getting back two of the assets McHale coveted most last month: Al Jefferson and Theo Ratliff's expiring contract.

The deal, however, depends on Garnett softening his stance on playing in Boston, with sources indicating late Sunday that Garnett could be warming to the idea.


It's believed that the latest incarnation of the deal would require Boston to package Gerald Green and Sebastian Telfair with Jefferson and Ratliff in exchange for Garnett. It's also likely that other players and/or draft picks would be added to the package if the deal gets Garnett's signoff.

This version is a little more palatable, as there's no mention of Rondo.  I know a lot of people won't want to see Gerald go, but in my mind, he's much more dispensable than Rondo is at this point.