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KG Trade Updates

To review, here are the outlets reporting the trade:

ESPN | Fox Sports | DraftExpress | WEEI | Souza

MacMullan is reporting that McHale wanted Rondo, but Ainge is not budging on that.  Deal could still fall through if Taylor vetos it and the numbers need to be worked out on KG's extension.

Update: Ainge confirms the talks.  KG's agent confirms change of heart: Pioneer Press | Shira Springer

Update 2: Bulpett reports Gomes is part of the deal.

Update 3: Now the AP is running the story.

Update 4: Hoopsworld says the extension is for 3 years, $60M

(By the way, it was the poster on this site called "rickyfan3.0..." that broke the story to me first - 5 hours before any other posts were made on the net.  He wants full credit and I'm glad to give it to him.)