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Random Thoughts On The Trade

I hope to put a column up tomorrow on the trade, but here’s some random thoughts from the day’s action (after the jump):

  • The cost in terms of players and picks as well as the contract terms will go a long way to making people like or dislike this trade.
  • Perkins is going to LOVE playing with Garnett.  He will miss his friend Big Al, but he’s going to be playing with a ferocious big man.  I predict they will be fast friends.
  • In one move, our defense may have just gotten respectable.  Rondo at the point, KG and Perkins down low.  All Pierce and Ray Allen have to do is slow down and funnel their opponents to the help.  When Tony Allen comes in, even better.
  • It is too bad we couldn’t keep Delonte and Gomes, they would be great role players on this team, but they would also have been too expensive to re-sign next year.
  • Pruitt, Powe, Davis, and Wallace are going to have to be ready to play.
  • Rondo is going to have to pull a Tony Parker (young point guard on a veteran contending team).  I think he’s up to it, but he’ll need some help.
  • Ainge still isn’t done yet.  He still needs a backup point and center.  Will the team still make a play for Navarro?
  • Question 1: What is the minimum roster size?
  • Question 2: What is the greatest win/loss turnaround in one season?
  • I have a feeling that all this back and forth with who is included and who isn't so much the fact that the teams are going back and forth so much as it is the information out there is all over the map and gets reported little by little, giving the appearance of back and forth.  We won't know for sure who is in it until the league releases the information.
  • Update: I just realized that I never mentioned Gerald Green.  Maybe that's a statement in itself.

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