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Daily Links 7/31

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Give me the Rock   Carnival of the NBA #47

Celtics Stuff Live   The KG episode  

Herald   Celtics cash in Big Ticket
KG deal alters standings in the East
Winning team true mark of relevancy     
Timberwolves agree to send Garnett to Boston   
Garnett deal now just a matter of math   
Globe   The Big One:  Celtics agree on deal to land Garnett   
Move is just the ticket for once-proud team     
Blockbuster breakdown    
Back on the map    
Chinese basketball chief to intervene in Yi standoff  
Globe Blog   Garnett deal in place   
The Green Room   A Cagey Situation  
Newsday   Celtics close in on Garnett deal and Kobe doesn't like it
Chicago Tribune   Wolves may regret making this trade
Hoopsworld    Who is left after trade for KG?
Free agency - who's left?  
T Wolves get big return for Big Ticket  
Breaking down the Garnett trade rumor   
Time for Wolves and Garnett to part company    
Pioneer Press   Garnett move to Boston looks imminent 
Star Tribune   Trade is what both Garnett and Wolves needed     
Is KG heading for Boston? 
ESPN   Celtics Wolves closing in on deal   
Trade kicker 101-lots of math in KG deal    
ESPN Insider   Big 3 but what else?  
Simmons:  McHale adds another notch to his Celtics legacy       
LOY's Place  Just how good is Kevin Garnett? 
Celtics 17  What changed Garnett's mind?    
Red's Army   Don't love it, don't hate it
What would we gain?     
Full Court Press    Somewhere Red Auerbach smiles   
Peru Tribune   Thoughts on the Kevin Garnett deal        
End of Bench   Kevin Garnett packs his bags     
NY Daily News   Celtics grab a gem in Garnett    
Toronto Star    Garnett headed for Celtics     
Indy Cornrows   Is Kevin Garnett the NBA's Herschel Walker?     
AZ Central   Ainge still scoring for Suns      
Washington Post  Celtics set to acquire Garnett       
NY Times   Garnett headed to Boston to try for a title      
Hartford Courant   Garnett Celtics' Ticket back     
LA Times  Garnett headed for the Celtics  
MetroWest Daily   KG trade will define Ainge's tenure     
Dime   The Good the bad and the ugly   Celtics get Garnett from Wolves at last    
MSNBC   KG trade makes Celtics relevant again     
Sporting News   Celtics up the ante in the Eastern conference       
In Forum News   A loss, yes, but KG was no Kirby Puckett        
Winning the Turnover Battle   Is this a good trade for Boston?     
Daily Herald   Garnett trade may work for Celtics if...       
Knickerblogger  Celtics all in with Garnett deal    
Virtual Globetrotters   Glenn "Doc" Rivers' house      
BlogaBull   The East has gotten better but the Bulls can still be the best     
Bullets Forever   What does the Garnett deal mean for the Wizards?      
Detroit News   Even Garnett can't change the East      
On the Ball  Trade talk galore        
Fast Break    A Eulogy for KG Dreams     
Armchair GM   The new Eastern Conference favorite     
Sports Overdose   McHale and Ainge bring Boston back to prominence    
Fire Danny Ainge   Garnett traded to Boston and firedannyainge      
Inside Hoops   Free agent rankings    
Sports in Boston   Celtics conspiracy or just good networking?    
Jon Yang   34+20+21=17        
Born a Nugget Fab  Hey KG have fun losing in the 2008 finals  Ticketed for Boston   
After high hopes,  Garnett era ends with a whimper  Three in the Key: Beantown bound?       
USA Today   Celtics T'Wolves agree to blockbuster Garnett deal     
CBS Sportsline   Garnett might even get Celtics fans attention    
Dan Shanoff   KG to Celtics = win win     
Fox Sports  This deal will be great for the NBA  
Talking Points   Garnett to Boston - looks like the kind of deal the Warriors couldn't offer    
Fire Joe Morgan   The most important part of this trade is arrogance   
Rose Garden  KG to Boston - titletown? Don't count on it.     Seeds of Peace Clinic          
Oregon Now   Danny Ainge wants Portland to win now     
Sports in Boston    Garnett trade is imminent    
USA Today  Garnett is now the Celtics Big Ticket     
A Pudge is a Sandwich   Kevin Garnett Eastern Conference Champion    
Projo   Greener Pastures are finally here for the Celtics   
Showboating   Mavericks fans don't cry over KG to Boston        
Get Garnett   Ratliff on the radio about going to the Wolves     
Orlando Sentinel   NBA's balance of power may be shifting    
Only 10 Things   Back on the map     
Shamrock Headband   Back in business    
Can Danny   Filling in the blanks post KG trade     
Metro   KG heads to Boston     
SouthCoast Today   Celtics sacrifice future but they will win now      
FanHouse  Limericks about the Kevin Garnett Trade