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Ray of Hope

Ian Rider doesn't love the trade, but he doesn't hate it either.  Here's one reason why:

This guy isn’t exactly Steve Kerr; he’s still a legitimate scorer. Seriously though, it’s ridiculous to read all of the articles and blogs ripping Danny Ainge for picking up the apparently decrepit seven-time All-Star. Washed up? Allen averaged a career high in points for a team playing in a superior conference. Can’t share the ball? Rashard Lewis, a scoring forward, took 17 shots a game and averaged 22 points. It’s funny, 31 didn’t seem too old when we were Googling Kevin Garnett’s birthday. I just can’t understand why people are crying over getting a proven, All-Star caliber shooting guard coming off his most productive season. All Ray Allen has done is quietly produce in every season of his career.

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