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Celtics Links - 7/5/07

Trying to get back into a rhythm...

Boston Herald
Telfair reality check. Green Bandwagon Note - Everyone knows Telfair had a disappointing season. But I never found myself saying, "Wow the C's are really putting him in a position to excel." Now that might just mean he is not good enough for the NBA. But I love the way he has handled himself since the arrest. Apparently he has laid low and worked out. Of course the off season is filled with similar puff pieces. And after seriously hurting Telfair's trade value it would not hurt the C's to speak well of him. This could develop into one of the bigger stories of the off season.
Rivers needs more help as Wohl is moved upstairs into management. Green Bandwagon Note - Hmm. I wonder if there were any established coaches in Europe who had any interest in Boston. Can't think of any.
Green Room
A Ray of hope.
Town Online
Gomes is a bargain for that price. Green Bandwagon Note - This is one of those stories I regret not giving more attention. I think Gomes is one of those guys that gets lost in the shuffle but continues to improve. He's a solid role player.  
CelticsStuff Live
The Grown Man.
Celtics should target Brevin Knight. Green Bandwagon Note - Will this work out financially?
Summer League Blog, Big Baby impressing. Green Bandwagon Note - Since this is the team's website I would be more impressed if it said something like, "Davis is atrocious." Can they really bad mouth a guy they just drafted?
Loy's Place
What are Danny's options?
SouthCoast Today
Deal for Allen makes sense but another deal is needed.
Lowell Sun
Allen happy to be in Boston. Green Bandwagon Note - That is something that should not be taken for granted. No matter what you think, at least he wants to be in green and white.  
The Big Green Machine
Analyzing the Celtics payroll and roster.
Gorman points.  
Can Danny
Filling in the blanks: shooting guard.