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Will Telfair Get A 2nd Chance?

BassySebastian is saying and doing all the right things to repair his image.  Danny has stood by him from the start.  The team is making noises like it is leaving the door open for his return.  Still, Wyc writes the checks, and I don't see him returning that nameplate anytime soon. 

Bulpett reports on some of the details from Sebastian's point of view.

After working out with the Celtics' summer league team yesterday, he dutifully stood and answered the questions. No, the gun wasn’t his. Yes, his Florida license was valid, but two New York tickets from his high school days were to blame for its suspended status.

The license?
    "That was the really embarrassing fact," he said. "What happened was when I traded in my New York license to get a Florida license, I had two tickets on my New York license from four years ago. That was from back when I was in high school, but when I put in for a Florida license it went through. I had a valid Florida license."
    The tickets?
    "I guess I knew about them when I got them," he said, "but I must have forgotten about them going through all the stuff I did."
    And the gun wasn’t his?
    "Nope," he said. "I still to this day don’t have a record. I can’t really answer where things stand, but I don’t have a record."