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Nameplates, Corner Offices, and Job Openings

WohlDave Wohl's nameplate has been removed from the locker room!  ...and stuck to a front office door.  I hope he has a nice view. 

Ainge said Wohl’s vast NBA experience made him the logical choice to move into the front office and help offset the loss of Chris Wallace, who left the Celtics to become GM of the Memphis Grizzlies.

"I hope it works out," Wohl said. "Ask me in a year. I’m hoping I can make a contribution here in a way that benefits our team and our organization and helps Doc and Danny do their jobs. I’m just looking to help them in any way that I can."

Ainge also finally made himself the official GM, a title that he allowed Chris Wallace to retain when he took over for Wallace.  That was always an odd arrangement.  Nobody really understood what it was that Wallace did.  We did know that he made several scouting trips a year overseas.  Of course the list of International prospects that we actually brought in is short and undistinguished (where are you Albert Miralles?).

However, now that he's the GM of the Grizzlies, he's cashing in those frequent flier miles to fly to Argentina to meet with free agent Andres Nocioni.  He's also rumored to be infatuated with Anderson Varejao and Juan Carlos Navarro.  Sounds like Wallace's idea of keeping Pau happy is to create a Toronto-South atmosphere.  There are worse models to follow, to be sure.

Getting back to our boys in Waltham.  Is it any wonder that the GM spot is being filled from within and the 2 coaching vacancies will likely be handled by one new hire?  The coaching staff (and in particular Doc Rivers) is on a short leash, and I'm sure management is in no hurry to bring in a high paid assistant with a multiple year deal (unless of course he's being groomed to be Doc's successor). 

CaseyDwayne Casey sounds like a good short term plug.  He was the Timberwolves head coach for a cup of coffee and was up for the Sonics head coaching job before it went to Carlesimo.

What is troubling about this scotch tape and bubble gum arrangement is the fact that the team being put together to go on the court is increasingly being set up to win now.  The "no more excuses" mantra seems more of a warning than a promise.  I get the feeling that if this team doesn't win now, we'll see wholesale housecleaning.  If that is the case, the need to hang onto Jefferson, Green, and Rondo becomes even more critical.