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Not Done Yet

Bulpett reports:

"We’re obviously not done with our roster yet," he said. 
The Celts appear to be letting the marketplace shake out a bit (there are tremors with Jason Kapono reportedly getting $24 million over four years), but Ainge said he’s not been idle. 
"We’re not close to doing anything, but we’ve been looking at a lot of players who could be a good fit for us," he added. "We’re looking at a lot of free agents at all different levels - sign-and-trade free agents and mid-level guys. We’re also looking at what trades might be out there that could work for us. 
"But we have to look at what each move would do to other potential moves. If we do a sign-and-trade for a bigger free agent, does that take away our chances to use the mid-level (exception)? We have to think of those things, so it’s kind of a puzzle trying to figure out what the best move is. 
"It’s not like we feel we’re one move away." 
Ainge wouldn’t mention any names of free agents (and he can’t discuss those who are under contract to other teams), but among those who would seem logical for their needs on the inside include Marcus Camby, Jamaal Magloire and Joe Smith. 
The Celts also are said to be looking at point guards, and 30-year-old Theo Papaloukas could step over from Greece and help (the Lakers are said to be pursuing him). Derek Fisher could also fit that role. Granted his release by the Jazz, he’s looking at playing sites where his cancer-stricken daughter could get good care (hello, Boston). 
And as crazy as it may seem, the Celts may still be leaving the porch light on for Kevin Garnett. There appears to be no chance Ainge will sleep until he sees the Timberwolves star in another uniform.