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Daily Links 7/6

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Celtics Stuff Live     The show:  Rajon Rondo vs Sergio Rodriguez

Herald   Ainge not done making deals
Not playing nice: Powe, Davis enjoying a battle of the bigs 
Globe   Ainge has placed the ball in Pierce's court 
Carlesimo lands in Seattle, Kobe apologizes, Hill heads to Phoenix
Telfair dedicated to job, expects to stay with Celtics, Doc wants to play Oden physical 
LOY's Place   Preview of Celtics vs Blazers SL game
Philadelphia Inquirer    Sixers target Darko
JS Online   Bucks still haven't met with Yi
OSC   Celtics, Jazz get new D-League affiliate - Utah Flash 
Indy Star   So far the Pacers mess remains unchanged  
MSNBC    Even Durant can't save Seattle  
Florida Today   Grant Hill signs 2 year deal with Phoenix
Washington Post    Wizards looking to trade Etan Thomas and Brendan Haywood
ESPN    Jury deliberates on $20 million suit against Iverson  Photo Gallery from Summer League
Fox Sports   A trio of GM's make all the wrong moves
Times Leader    Celtics high on Allen as veteran standout
News Blaze   Danny is a bad GM
Hoopsvibe    Summer League fun - a look at former SL players   
The Big Green Machine   Does Telfair have a future in Boston? 
Doc's replacement to be on the bench? 
Star Ledger   Fisher has interest in joining the Knicks 

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