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Who Is Brandon Wallace?

WallaceHe's the new fan favorite of summer league, that's who.  He's a 6'9" pogo stick who just seems to have a nose for the ball.  Doc was quoted as saying that they tried him in practice at PF and he did nothing, but the minute they put him at the 3 he just caught on fire.  Good for him, I hope he keeps playing well and earns himself a spot.  If not here, then somewhere.  My only concern with him is where he plays.  We don't need any more 3's.  On the other hand, he can play D, so there's always room in my heart for a guy like that.

Here's his stats on ESPN (from South Carolina)

Looking back to the Portsmouth Invitational, here is what DraftExpress had to say about Wallace:

This was another intriguing showing by South Carolina’s raw power forward Brandon Wallace, doing a good job using his athleticism to the fullest on both ends of the floor. He clearly looks better suited for the up and down tempo we find here rather than the stagnant half-court offense he played in at South Carolina, and as a result has improved notably from game to game here.

Wallace ran the floor extremely well today and did a nice job presenting himself around the rim for easy finishes. He is a very frail power forward who can’t finish very well if being contested excessively, but his length, terrific athleticism and excellent activity level help him out tremendously in this area. Wallace also stepped outside on one occasion and knocked down a very good looking 3-pointer. He’s got decent touch and form on his jump-shot, and could reasonably be expected to develop this part of his game into a weapon in a few years via the D-League or overseas. Wallace isn’t the smartest or most skilled player in the world right now, but he has some nice tools that could intrigue some teams down the road, and therefore it will be interesting to track his progress over the next few seasons wherever he ends up.

Update: Ainge is working on signing Wallace (as reported by Bulpett and written up by JB)

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